This series of work titled Cirripedia (Barnacle) was created during my artist residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, located on the central Oregon coast. During the three month residency, I continuously captured photographs of barnacles found just north of Lincoln City, Oregon on the Salmon River Estuary. Barnacles are stationary crustaceans, filter feeders, and clean the water for other marine organisms. Cirripedia emphasizes both the delicate and mysterious textures of barnacles, while also acknowledging the important role this crustacean plays in marine ecology. All prints are ink and matte medium image transfers on watercolor paper, 11 in x 15 in, and created in 2020. Print copies of original pieces are for sale. Please inquire in message box below.

barn 1 copy

barn 3 copy

barn 2 copy

Barn 4



barn circle


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